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If you are using form tag in your modal popup then you can simply reset that form when modal popup close or set all field value with blank. ------ click: function () { $('#form_id').trigger("reset"); //OR $("input[name='field1']").val(''); $("input[name='field2']").val(''); $("input[name='field3']").val(''); //For ...


mage/cookies is JS component which initialized on the element with the selector specified as element selector. Syntax : <script type="text/x-magento-init"> { // components initialized on the element defined by selector "<element_selector>": { "<js_component1>": ..., "<js_component2>": ... }, // ...


You forget to set id in onchangeStyleShow() function. Please replace the below code : $Lastfield->setAfterElementHtml( '<script> function onchangeStyleShow(){ $("#footer_group").toggle(); } </script>' );

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