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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 27137
General questions about Magento 2, not specific to a minor version. Use this tag to distinguish from Magento 1. If you have issues with a specific version, please use the appropriate 'magento-2.x' tag…
× 20743
Magento Community version 1.9
× 5382
Denotes questions related to Magento CE and EE 2.1.x
× 3825
Denotes a question related to the Magento products.
× 3785
Magento Community version 1.7
× 3226
Magento Community version 1.8
× 2907
used for questions which involve PHP code in any way. So as soon there is a PHP Exception returned or error report generated, this question qualifies to be tagged with PHP.
× 2640
should be used for questions related to the Magento checkout process.
× 2526
Questions about developing custom modules
× 2414
Questions related to Magento's MySQL database, for example, the table schema, plain SQL queries or database configuration. For questions about the Magento database access layer, use other tags, like: …
× 2389
Can denote questions related to Magento admin panel, admin session or admin user.
× 2194
define the block hierarchy which eventually renders the template files.
× 2158
Questions about product categories in the Magento catalog
× 2062
General questions about the Magento 2.2.x versions
× 1839
Magento Entity Attributes
× 1832
General questions about Magento 1 not specific to a minor version. You can use it to distinguish from Magento 2, but if you have issues with a specific installation, use the appropriate magento-1.x ta…
× 1777
Denotes the products with type as configurable.
× 1761
Mark questions related to Magento orders
× 1757
Question related to the shopping cart: adding/removing products, shoping cart price rules, the appearance of the shopping cart page.
× 1685
a client side script language which allows to interact with the user, control the browser, communicate asynchronously, and alter the document content that is displayed. By default M…
× 1607
used to work dynamically with Magento without altering the core code.
× 1596
denotes questions related to the customers module
× 1558
Questions about PHP error messages and error logs
× 1512
denotes questions about the `Block` classes.
× 1392
Questions about creating, managing and using product attributes
× 1357
Questions about extending the Magento admin panel and the admin theme
× 1342
An application programming interface (API) specifies how some software components should interact with each other.
× 1327
Questions about displaying and calculating product prices
× 1285
Denotes a question about developing and integrating extensions
× 1277
Questions about creating, modifying and configuring Magento themes
× 1248
denote questions pertaining specifically to sites running on the Magento Enterprise Edition platform. They need not be EE specific features.
× 1207
Questions related to Magento collections
× 1190
The folder that contains all the `phtml` files used to display at frontend or backend.
× 1161
Marks questions related to shipping.
× 1085
Questions about emails sent by Magento in general
× 1063
a powerful tool to manage entities in the admin panel. For questions about the catalog grid view from Mage_Catalog, use the tag "grid-layout" instead.