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How can I change the amount of promotional emails that go out per batch?

How can I change the amount of promotional emails that go out per batch? Right now, it's set to 100, but I'm trying to increase it to 200.
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Order status changes to Processing after completed PayPal payment - but doesn't send New Order email

I was having an issue with capturing PayPal IPN messages, but I have fixed that and the Complete message is getting picked up by my store and changes the status of the order to Processing. At this ...
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Magento 1.9/1.4: sending email with attachment using core/email_queue

I wish to send email with an attachemnt, and I must use core/email_queue. How can I add attachment to the email? There are a lot of anwers on how to adding attachment using core/email_template, but ...
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How to use Magento 1.9 email queue to send customized email to select customers?

We have over 100,000 customers that meet certain criteria (such as last login date) that need to be sent an email. This is NOT a newsletter as these recipients may not be subscribed to our newsletter. ...
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Magento is not sending emails of new orders

Magento is not sending emails when there are new orders neither when you comment on the order. Invoice, credit memo, shipping and contact us are working perfectly. Queued emails are in core email ...
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Email not sending - core_email_queue not in the database

Sorry guys I am a bit of a newbe ... But I am facing a problem with sending mails (order confirmation, Invoice, ect ...). My cron job works fine according to my log but core_email_queue_recipients ...
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