I am using LAMP on which I have PHP 7.2 I install Ampps on which I have PHP 7.1 How I have to run composer update command? If I run it gave me PHP version error (definitely it will give 2.2.7 don't require php7.2) How I have to run composer using Ampps's PHP version instead of base PHP version.


I figure it out. You have to run update composer like the following.

/usr/local/ampps/php-7.1/bin/php /usr/local/bin/composer update

you have to give path of your required php (the version using on Ampps or Xampp) in first argument like /usr/local/ampps/php-7.1/bin/php and in second argument gave composer path like /usr/local/bin/composer then add update at the end.

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    I do not recommend executing composer with sudo – Philipp Sander Jan 21 at 12:25
  • I had updated now try and share your view for answer. I had updated my my packages successfully using above. - Installing illuminate/encryption (v5.5.44): Downloading (100%) – Hassan Ali Shahzad Jan 21 at 12:39

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