I have a module installed via Composer where the latest master version requires PHP 7.0.x, while the updated version I'm using allows PHP 7.1.x which I have installed.

This causes a problem that on each composer update, it gives a platform requirement error. This can easily be solved by adding --ignore-platform-reqs to the command.

However, I want to install some stuff with Composer using Magento 2 CLI. Specifically, the sample data:

bin/magento sampledata:deploy

Gives the Composer error that the PHP version is incorrect.

[my_module x.x.x] requires php ~5.5.0|~5.6.0|~7.0.0 -> your PHP vers ion (7.1.17) does not satisfy that requirement.

Is there a way to ignore platform requirements while deploying sample data?

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The command sampledata:deploy is mapped to Magento\SampleData\Console\Command\SampleDataDeployCommand::execute.

inside this method you will find a variable $commonArgs = ['--working-dir' => $baseDir, '--no-progress' => 1];

You can add --ignore-platform-reqs=>1 in this array.

Of course you should do a plugin for this method and not edit the core.
If it's for test / debug purposes you can edit it temporarily.

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