To import all the product images, we are using below approach

  1. On the Magento server, upload the image files to the default folder for importing product images: pub/media/import
  2. In the CSV data, enter the name of each image file to be imported on the correct row, by SKU, and in the correct column according to image type (base_image, small_image, thumbnail_image, or additional_images).

enter image description here

Here I can upload all the prod images under folder pub/media/import. I have 10 categories and products associated with those categories.

  • How do I upload product images categorically? For example create folders with category name in pub/media/import like pub/media/import/categoryA, pub/media/import/categoryB and in CSV image path is categoryA/prod-image-a.png, categoryB/prod-image-b.png

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You should import two times by separate file. While importing first time, you can set images directory to pub/media/import/categoryA and while importing second time, you can set images directory to pub/media/import/categoryB. In CSV file, write only image name.

  • The store has around 50 categories. It will be tedious to import one by one. Commented Feb 12, 2018 at 8:57

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