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What are the native cookies Magento has?

What's the list of out-of-the-box cookies on Magento OpenSource and Adobe Commerce Cloud?
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How to deal with Cookie Consent (GDPR) in Magento 2

I am trying to implement a Cookie Consent feature in Magento 2. I would like to show to the customers a pop-up, where I have the cookies split in groups and the customer can choose what he want to ...
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What is your go-to solution for EU cookie consent requirements in 2022?

EU's GDPR cookie consent requirements are pretty strict. I have not been able to find a fully compliant extension or service to satisfy all the requirements the legislation sets. All extensions seem ...
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The static folder does not contain the editted JS file?

I am trying to edit one of the callbacks of the gdpr-cookie module in the directoy vendor/amasty/gdpr-cookie/view/frontend/web/js/cookies.js: allowCookies: function() { actionAllow()....
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How to remove checkbox for GDPR in Magento 2

I want to remove GDPR checkbox in Magento 2 Login Page. I want to remove that checkbox from login page it will come from ( app/design/frontend/Mgs/claue_child/MGS_GDPR/templates/customer/form/login....
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How to stop Magento 2 using cookies like recently_viewed_product?

According to the GDPR and recent court decisions, technically unnecessary cookies may only be set after the user has given his active consent. Cookies that are not technically necessary are widely ...
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What is the best way to annoymise an email address in a Magento Order

We have been been asked to remove all customer data from our systems - easy on Linnworks - seems impossible in Magento
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Magento 2: Translate subject email "Your personal data has been anonymized" from GDPR?

I have GDPR on Magento 2 store, I have tested the anonymization, and I have received an email with English content that I have to translate. I can translate the email content in file app/design/../...
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How to delegate Magento 1=>2 migration to a 3rd party, without leaking PII?

My company manages many Magento stores for our clients. Most things we do in-house, but migrating 100+ stores to 2.x on our own would take a lot of manhours, so we'd like to test some 3rd party ...
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Adding a required unchecked check box for Terms and Conditions on new account registration

I'm trying to add a Checkbox to account registration for terms and conditions mainly due to GDPR. I've looked at this question: magento 2 - Terms and conditions checkbox on register page But the ...
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Add required Checkbox for Newsletter subscription form

Is there a way to add a required checkbox to the newsletter subscription form? The idea is to make the user agree to the privacy policy before subscribing for the Newsletter.
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GDPR and Guests information

In accordance with GDPR, we need to allow our customers (Guests or Not) the ability to access the information we hold about them on file. Obviously, Registered Customers can access their information ...
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Magento 2 and GDPR

I'm really struggling with Magento 2 and GDPR compliance. In magento's most recent memorandum regarding GDPR it states that it is ready for GDPR. Having checked the most recent version stable version ...
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Any future update planned for Magento1 to be combat upcoming GDPR changes?

Does anybody know if Magento1 will release an update this month to be compatible with the GDPR changes due to be in place before the 25th of May 2018? Just wondered if Magento ver. was ...
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RGPD - GPDR : what did you do for the moment?

We try to find information about the famous law GPDR , but we can t see any example of a website which did something yet. A user can ask to get all personnal information about him. How did you do that ...
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GDPR Module Installion "Can only install one of: magento/framework[101.01.1, 100.0.02]

I am trying ton install the following GDPR module via command line for Magento version 2.2.1 : However, the install fails and produces the below error ...
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Is magento compatible for GDPR compliance

I want to know is magento compatible for GDPR compliance because from May 25, 2018 GDPR Act is applied in all EU countries. What should we need to do to run our magento e-commerce site under this ...
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