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How to deal with Cookie Consent (GDPR) in Magento 2

I am trying to implement a Cookie Consent feature in Magento 2. I would like to show to the customers a pop-up, where I have the cookies split in groups and the customer can choose what he want to ...
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TypeError: expects parameter 6 to be bool,Magento/framework/Stdlib/Cookie/PhpCookieManager.php:150 setcookie() in magento2.4.2

When go to login on frontend In log error
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Cookie Notice Keeps Reappearing - Magento 2.3.7

Since updating my store to 2.3.7 have noticed the cookie notice intermittently showing up randomly before the expiry date has passed. Get this often when I save on backend then revisit a page however ...
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How can I reduce the Largest Contentful Paint overhead of Magento 2 cookie restriction mode?

Our Google Pagespeed Insights score is suffering due to Largest Contentful Paint when using the Magento 2.3.0 default cookie restriction mode popup. With cookie restriction mode enabled the LCP is ...
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