A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

Denotes questions related to the use of jQuery library in Magento.
792 questions
Denotes questions related to the backend (configuration, administration, modification).
780 questions
Models contain most of the business logic in Magento modules
774 questions
Denotes questions about filtering in Magento (layered navigation, collection filtering)
755 questions
Denotes questions related to Installation
737 questions
Denotes questions related to the search engine on Magento.
736 questions
Questions about HTTP redirects (status codes 301, 302, 303): How to set them up, why they are happening etc. For the catalog URL rewrite management in the admin panel, use the "url-rewrite" tag.
726 questions
Denotes questions related to template `.phtml` files
719 questions
Magento payment invoice generated as a confirmation of payment receipt
708 questions
Denotes questions about forms in Magento (admin forms, frontend forms, management)
700 questions
Questions related to Magento product collections.
696 questions
Denotes question about payments (configuration, customization, methods).
695 questions
Denotes questions for the CMS section.
692 questions
Denotes questions related to the Magento catalog search engine
Denotes questions related to the Magento Admin Panel (Backend)
681 questions
Composer is a tool to manage dependencies in PHP. It supports fetching dependencies from different sources like Git, SVN, PEAR, the local filesystem, etc. and also offers automated autoloading supp…
Denotes questions about tax management and how to apply taxes to Magento.
674 questions
Paypal payment method
658 questions
Questions about using raw SQL queries. For questions about the database in general, use the database tag instead, for questions about the Magento database access layer use the appropriate tag, like: e…
653 questions
Denotes security questions on Magento.
644 questions
Denotes questions regarding Magento custom attributes
Denotes questions about session management in Magento.
630 questions
Denotes questions related to the quote on Magento (creation, management, modification, relations)
628 questions
Questions about the official Magento Security patches (SUPEE-xxxx)
628 questions
It should be used for questions about Magento 2.2.2
625 questions
Magento community version
601 questions
Denotes questions about Magento 2 Plugins (BeforePlugin , AfterPlugin and AroundPlugin). Plugins are also known as interceptors in the Magento documentation.
600 questions
Denotes questions related to CSV file management on Magento (import,export,creation,modification)
590 questions
Questions about the product list blocks, used in categories, search results, upsell and so on
582 questions
Open source E-commerce PHP framework solution, which has a new responsive theme (rwd) in version 1.9
578 questions
Denotes questions related to the shopping cart in Magento.
564 questions
Denotes questions regarding store views (scope, creation, management).
561 questions
Questions about migrating data between different Magento installations or from another shop system. For Magento 1 => Magento 2 data migration, use magento2-migration-tool
558 questions
Denotes questions related to Magento CE/EE version 2.0
555 questions
Questions related to Category Products Management and the relation between categories and products.
A form visible in admin area of magento.
1 2
4 5