A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

The admin grid widget is a powerful tool to manage entities in the admin panel. For questions about the catalog grid view from Mage_Catalog, use the tag "grid-layout" instead.
1390 questions
Denotes questions related to Magento Sales module's order functionality.
1374 questions
Marks questions related to shipping.
1352 questions
Questions about overriding core features (class rewrites, local code pool, theme overrides). For URL rewrites, use the "url-rewrite" tag instead.
1317 questions
Denotes questions related to frontend development, configuration and management
1312 questions
This should be used to denote questions pertaining specifically to sites running on the Magento Enterprise Edition platform. They need not be EE specific features.
1303 questions
Questions related to CSS in the context of Magento
1299 questions
Denotes questions regarding Magento Ui Components
1267 questions
Denotes questions related to product images configuration, management and modifications.
Questions related to Onepage Checkout system of Magento.
1229 questions
Denotes questions about XML files and XML processing.
1201 questions
Denotes questions about Custom code or Custom modules which is used to add/extend/enhance the existing functionality of Core Magento.
1183 questions
Question related to Magento default caching system, full page cache or 3rd party caching solutions.
1177 questions
Questions related or caused by Magento upgrade process.
1155 questions
Questions about the multistore feature, i.e. how to deal with multiple websites, store groups and store views in one Magento installation
1140 questions
Denotes questions about payment methods
1133 questions
Questions related to the functionality of adding product to shopping cart in Magento.
1096 questions
Denotes questions related to imports
1084 questions
It should be used for questions regarding the catalog module.
1068 questions
denotes a question about the product custom options.
1053 questions
Denotes questions about shipping methods configuration and implementation.
1033 questions
General settings of all the modules, either core or third party.
1025 questions
Questions about products in the Magento catalog in general
1012 questions
Denotes a question related to the cron system
1005 questions
Denotes questions about controllers and action methods
980 questions
Denotes question about URL issues and custom URLs.
966 questions
Denotes questions related to customer accounts management.
955 questions
denotes a question about the Magento e-mail templates
897 questions
Denotes questions about shopping cart price rules.
874 questions
Denotes questions about image processing, importing, upload and management.
868 questions
Denotes questions related to login (frontend, backend and api).
846 questions
Denotes questions related to Knockout use in Magento2
819 questions
Layered navigation makes it easy to find a product based on category, price range, or any other available attribute.
810 questions
Denotes questions about URL Rewrites Management.
806 questions
Denotes questions related to the backend (configuration, administration, modification).
805 questions
AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a technique for creating seamless interactive websites via asynchronous data exchange between client and server. AJAX facilitates communication with the serve…
799 questions
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