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Magento 1- mage-report keeps saying the security patch isn't installed

In Magento I have installed multiple patches (supee-11314, supee-11155, supee-11219) with the success message and also clear caches (FPC, Redis, etc), refer to screenshot 1, but mage-report ...
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How to generate a pre-patched version of Magento 1 SUPEE patch?

Some people like Meetanshi has pre-patched version of Magento 1 SUPEEs. How they generate those files? This is very useful for people (Like me) who are not able to apply patches via SSH from .sh ...
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Can't install SUPEE-11155 or SUPEE-11219

This is what I get if I try to install SUPEE-11155 with $ ./` Output: Checking if patch can be applied/reverted successfully... ERROR: Patch ...
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magento generate coupon code not working after apply SUPEE-11155

Generating coupon code when a subscriber subscribes to the newsletter it's working fine before applying SUPEE-11155 but after applied SUPEE-11155 not working. Magento version $model = Mage:...
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SUPEE-11155 for magento

I don't see the patch SUPEE-11155 for Magento version in the Magento site . Is this patch not needed for I tried to install for version and 1.9.4....
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