Some people like Meetanshi has pre-patched version of Magento 1 SUPEEs. How they generate those files?

This is very useful for people (Like me) who are not able to apply patches via SSH from .sh files.


I am not sure How they do but You Or anyone can do it by following way.

  1. Apply required patch by SSH
  2. Once a patch is applied successfully, an entry is made in


  3. Look into applied.patches.list file, it will give you all the modified file by particular patch like :

enter image description here 5. Just copy those files in structured folder and Your pre-patched version is ready

Hope above will help!

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  • This question is not about how to apply a Magento patch, it's about how to generate a pre-patched version. In some specific cases, it's not possible to do it that way. For example, on a non-fresh core Magento installation or projects with no ssh access. – Alejandro Araujo Jan 9 at 14:54
  • 1
    correct! Answer also not about to apply patch. it is about how you can prepare pre-patch files and other can directly upload! – Pawan Jan 9 at 15:03

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