I am facing a problem with Magento ver. 1.9.x Image import is working fine but when I try to upload image it don't work. My cache is disabled and media folders is 777. I have added front end and back end screenshots for you to have a look.

Any help will be really appreciated. enter image description here

  • Try to upgrade your adobe flash player – zhartaunik Apr 24 '15 at 9:38
  • Thx zhartaunik, I also tried it. – Anwar Apr 24 '15 at 9:40
  • Check firebug last tab. What do you see there? – zhartaunik Apr 24 '15 at 10:52
  • firebug console create no error. – Anwar Apr 24 '15 at 10:58
  • Do any files appear in your media folder? Even empty files? Is there enough space on server? Try to change server /tmp folder and check its permissions. Try to check server error log – zhartaunik Apr 24 '15 at 11:00

Please double check your media folder permission. Please enable cache and try once again.

  • thx Sham, I followed your instruction. Not yet solved. do you think is it db related issue or any thing else?. – Anwar Apr 24 '15 at 10:24
  • when you upload image does it show any error? or simply add new row ther with no image? – Shyam Krishna Sreekumar Apr 24 '15 at 10:27
  • simply added new row there with no image. – Anwar Apr 24 '15 at 10:29
  • Whether your magento in local machine or server? I strongly doubt its related to permission. – Shyam Krishna Sreekumar Apr 24 '15 at 10:37
  • Also try renaming your .htaccess file in media folder and your ownership of media folder too.. – Shyam Krishna Sreekumar Apr 24 '15 at 10:40

I believe that you have successfully uploaded your image via magento back-end but you have to choose base image, small and thumbnail in order your image to appear at the front-end. Give it a try.

  • First time product image save without selection base, small & thumb. And extra row create. – Anwar Apr 24 '15 at 9:46

Uploading image already done but only If you want to show this image in product listing page , you should active a radio button under 'Small Image' radio buttons list. 'Base Image': to show in product detail page. 'Thumbnail' : to show in cart page, side bar cart.

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