I tried finding a Slack or Discord server for Magento before coming here.

I am trying to submit a Magento 1 extension for technical review @ marketplace and the package.xml won't pass marketplace validation. I manually fixed specific fields that failed, but the error is now Repo rejected file upload - Failed.

The error is a bit abstract, but I'm pretty sure it's related to the package.xml. I regenerated it for post-1.5 releases via Magento Connect (running on Magento, but the generated XML is quite different than the previous one, and I can't seem to find anything useful in official docs.

The previous XML had a calculated hash for each file under contents, the current one has only one hash.

Can someone explain the difference(s) between https://github.com/sendwithus/extension-magento/blob/master/dist/package.xml and https://github.com/meanbee/magento-diymage/blob/master/package.xml?

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