I need to edit a package.xml file of a extension.

There is a php restriction to that module and I need to increase it, so that I can install it on my store. I know it works well with that php version.

But when changing the package.xml file, how can I regenerate a tgz file, so that I can upload the module again in the Magento Downloader?

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Clean and error free way

To do that you need to ensure your modules XML file is placed in your var/connect folder. It must be named based on your module name for example: Vendor_Module.xml and it contains all the info / requirements / files path of your module.

Then you go to the backend under System > Magento Connect > Package Extensions.

You choose "Load Existing Package" tab and choose your module in the list.

From here it will load all your modules information and you'll be able to edit the PHP requirement from the form.

Once you're done, save and generate the package, your module tgz and its corresponding XML file will be updated.

Quick and dirty way

Edit the package.xml file, find the following XML node and edit it:

  • Thanks a lot! When I want to edit the quick and dirty way, by editing the package.xml, how can I than create the right tgz file? So that I can upload it in the Magento connect Manager?
    – JGeer
    Feb 27, 2017 at 15:04
  • @HenkZ that you can't you'll have to use the backend for that Feb 27, 2017 at 15:19

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