I logged in as administrator to Magento backend and trying to reset password for some customers.

I have disabled password protection from Configuration -> Customers -> customer configuration. so it look like this in my admin,

enter image description here

I have cleared cache. But I still get the same error "Too many password reset requests, please wait and try again".

What did I miss?


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I had similar issue but for me there was an option where I can set the minimum Time between password reset requests as shown below.Admin Config

In my case, it was set to 10 min. After I change it to 0 the issue was resolved.
The configuration exists in the same path as you have mentioned but not sure why you do not have this configuration in your Magento.

  • He also has this setting just need to set password reset protection type to by ip and email only then These options will show
    – kushal
    Feb 25, 2020 at 17:46

You can try to disable:

  • Max Number of Password Reset Requests
  • Min Time Between Password Reset Requests


bin/magento config:set customer/password/max_number_password_reset_requests 0
bin/magento config:set customer/password/min_time_between_password_reset_requests 0

then clean cache:

bin/magento c:c

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