I have a module in Magento that I am creating a package extension. I am able to create a package extension successfully which is stored in [magento]/var/connect folder. I have the package.xml,extension.xml and extension- files created.

However, when I untar the extension-, it is empty. Also when I try to upload the extension through Magento connect I get the error as

CONNECT ERROR: Package file is invalid. Empty package contents section

How can I create a package of my extension properly. Can anyone please help. I have already gone through mane links but I am not able to fix it.

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The issue was in adding the contents of the module while packaging the extension. Whenever we are creating a package of a custom module we need to make sure that we have added all of the module files in the contents section while packaging the extension.


it is possible that you are trying to upload the a folder that contains the package.xml. Make sure the package.xml is present in the top most directory level.

tar -cvzf extension_1.0.0.tgz *

when you expand it using the following command: tar -xvf extension_1.0.0.tgz

the pakage.xml file should be present in the current folder where you decompressed the tgz file

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