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Old price excluding tax, not displayed

Just change 'price_type' to baseOldPrice. <span class="old-price sly-old-price no-display"> <?= /* @noEscape */ $block->renderAmount($priceModel->getAmount(), [ ...
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Sort products in wishlist by price

To sort products in a wishlist by price in Magento 2, you can follow these steps: First, create a module in Magento that will override the wishlist controller. You can do this by creating a new ...
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How or where do I change the decimal seperator in de admin html area?

If you want to change the price format only in the admin product price field, you can modify the template file that renders the price field in the admin area. Here are the steps to achieve this: ...
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REST on barebones Magento Server - Creating a product doesn't show ANY Price--even the base one

Hmm, the standard product GET endpoint should return price - take a look at the endpoint definition in official Magento docs here:

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