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I'm currently tracing around a similar problem and I found your question hoping for answers. Data migration is magic but the magic isn't 100% it sometimes lags when main Magento makes structural changes, creating wrong data it sometimes misses that certain defaults have changed for data when it recreates it on migration, so every delta can ruin it some ...


The above will not work for Magento 2.3.4. There are minor changes in the code and file path. You can read below to reduce the noise level for captcha images. The functions to reduce the noise setDotNoiseLevel and setLineNoiseLevel are same but the code is moved in following file. vendor/zendframework/zend-captcha/src/Image.php You can either change the ...


@Dexters answer worked for me. Just to update the answer for Magento 2.3.5 (and the last few), those setting are now in app/etc/env.php instead of app/etc/local.xml

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