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Note: The other answer from LitExtension relates to Magento versions <= M 2.1, more recent versions do not use url_path attribute entries for URL rewrites. (Read more information in that answer for relevance - additional information related to this issue at the end of this answer as well). This answer discusses the issue I solved eventually. My original ...


First check your affected rows with select query in url_rewrite SELECT request_path, SUBSTRING(request_path, 1, CHAR_LENGTH(request_path) - 1) AS col_trimmed FROM url_rewrite WHERE request_path LIKE '%/' Update affected row UPDATE url_rewrite SET request_path = SUBSTRING(request_path, 1, CHAR_LENGTH(request_path) - 1) WHERE request_path LIKE '%/' Update: (...


This works: Comment: {{var data.comment|nl2br}}

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