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i am facing issue when i add item to cart its redirect to cart page, i have change the redirect to NO from admin but now its direct open checkout page i need it like this when i click the add to cart button it should added to mincart but not leave the product page, after adding when i click the cart from there i can use open cart button to open the cart ...


You can use sales_order_invoice_save_after to deduct product quantity after generate credit memo : Create config.xml for define event and module : app/code/local/RH/StockDeduct/etc/config.xml <?xml version="1.0"?> <config> <modules> <RH_StockDeduct> <version>1.0.0</version> </...


Please try with the following query. SELECT cpe.sku as SKU, if(cpev.attribute_id = 71,cpev.`value`,null) as Name, cv.value as category_name, max(if(cpev.attribute_id = 426,cpev.`value`,null)) as '426', max(if(cpev.attribute_id = 74,cpev.`value`,null)) as '74', max(if(cpev.attribute_id = 439,cpev.`value`,null)) as '439', max(if(cpev.attribute_id = 92,...


I have basically the same problem as you have, but I am at an earlier stage of the problem, I don't know which table should I fill to register the shipment from an external software. Could you give me a hint on that? I hope after that I can pay you back the favour finding the way to send the tracking e-mail. Thank you


Using a renderer Although take note of the minor edit in the answer

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