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After installing patch SUPEE-11155 on Magento we are no longer able to create simple products. After choosing the prodyct type and attribute set, there will be a display with some stock settings, but you cannot do anything else. Someone familiar with this problem?


I am not sure How they do but You Or anyone can do it by following way. Apply required patch by SSH Once a patch is applied successfully, an entry is made in app/etc/applied.patches.list Look into applied.patches.list file, it will give you all the modified file by particular patch like : 5. Just copy those files in structured folder and Your pre-...


This patch feels like a joke, there are a bunch of fixes done in the rwd theme which aren't included in the base theme for some reason. I noticed this in version 13 (already!?) of the patch for Magento I'm noticing at least these ones: catalog/product/list.phtml (some changes in base theme, but the ones for the add to cart button from the rwd ...

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