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sliderElement.slider is not a function, after magento update

after magento update from 2.3.4 to 2.4.2, we notice that on sidebar filters, price slide it is not working. On browser inspect appears those errors: layer.js:406 Uncaught TypeError: sliderElement....
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Using jquery ui autocomplete in Magento 2 admin - conflicts with menu.js on focus

I'm on Magento 2.4.5, so I don't know if the 2.4.6 jquery updates will fix this. Will try that at some point. Update - 2.4.6 does not fix this. On the frontend of Magento 2.4.5, jquery-ui.js is not ...
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Jquery files not getting loaded on frontend after upgrade

I have upgraded my site from 2.2.6 to 2.3.2. After the upgrade when i load the frontend, and open Network tab in inspect element, i see that only jquery.js file is being called, no other js files like ...
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How we get an element from second tab of ui component on edit magento 2.4

I have an Admin UI form with two tabs. There is a dropdown field on first tab .Based on this dropdown value I want to show or hide an another field which appeared on the second tab. But we could not ...
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Custom js Script not working . when magento upgraded 2.3.3 into 2.4

category-map.js define( [ 'underscore', 'jquery', 'mage/template', "prototype", "mage/adminhtml/form" ], function (_,JQuery) { // <![CDATA[...
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Magento 2.4.X compat.js:43 Fallback to JQueryUI Compat activated

Using Magento 2.4.x seeing the below notice in our browser console. I saw it from this code. how to fix it? thank you Fallback to JQueryUI Compat activated. Your store is missing a dependency for a ...
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Is it possible to load jquery and other js files into magento 2 footer?

Guys I would like to know if it is possible to load js files in magento 2 footer. For example using the tag . And how would I do that?
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How can I integrate jquery-ui-touch-punch into my module (mobile friendly slider)

So, I created a slider with jquery/ui and it is working so far. But as jquery/ui doesnt support touch events, I am trying to integrate jquery-ui-touch-punch. I tried to declare it in my requirejs-...
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Magento 2 require.js:166 Uncaught Error: Script error for: jquery-ui-modules/widget

I recently installed Magezon Pagebuilder plugin. It works perfect and everything, however when I add Sliders or Carousel I get this 2 errors: require.js:1895 GET
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Magento 2.4: Uncaught TypeError: base is not a constructor

After Magento update to 2.4, I'm getting this "base is not a constructor" error which is causing other grids to unable load in the admin. When I run the command: ->sudo chmod 777 -R Var/ ...
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