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sliderElement.slider is not a function, after magento update

after magento update from 2.3.4 to 2.4.2, we notice that on sidebar filters, price slide it is not working. On browser inspect appears those errors: layer.js:406 Uncaught TypeError: sliderElement....
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mobile menu not working in mobile view

The Magento version is the latest version 2.4.5. The menu is working well on desktop and actual mobile devices. But when I load the site in mobile view, the menu doesn't work well. If I click the ...
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Custom js Script not working . when magento upgraded 2.3.3 into 2.4

category-map.js define( [ 'underscore', 'jquery', 'mage/template', "prototype", "mage/adminhtml/form" ], function (_,JQuery) { // <![CDATA[...
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