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what environment variables can override application mode and where do they need to be set?

When I run deploy:mode:show, it shows an application mode followed by a message that says that its value may be overridden. For example: prod@mysite01:~/www$ ./bin/magento deploy:mode:show Current ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Magento2: The env.php file keeps automatically changing

The file env.php is changing automatically and randomly. Environment: Cluster server Deployer Magento 2.4.6-p3 Redis, varnish and cloudflare php 8.1 Here is the actual the env.php 'session' => [...
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1 answer

PWA The "ENVFILEPATH" variable is not set

When I run docker-compose up -d in my brand new cloned PWA Studio repo, this is what I got: WARN[0000] The "ENVFILEPATH" variable is not set. Defaulting to a blank string. Failed to load /...
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How to use custom env.php and config.php with values loaded from .env file or environment variables?

I am new to Magento and I have noticed that everytime I run: bin/magento setup:install --base-url=http://localhost:8090 --backend-frontname=admin --db-host=magento_mysql --db-name=webshop --db-user=...
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1 answer

Whitelisted domains in env.php M2.3.6 does not work

I whitelisted three domains in env.php but when adding a link with a downloadable product still get the error message Link URL's domain is not in list of downloadable_domains in env.php Is the entry ...
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1 answer

Setting varnish full page cache settings via environment variables

I'm trying to set the varnish settings through environmental variables. I have the following ones set: CONFIG__DEFAULT__SYSTEM__FULL_PAGE_CACHE__VARNISH__BACKEND_HOST: varnish-service ...
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Is it possible to lock the design configuration in env.php?

In production, the meta robots on my website is configured to be "INDEX,FOLLOW". In staging, I run an sql query to insert or update it in the core_config_data table to be "NOINDEX,...
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2 answers

Overriding Magento sensitive configuration variables using environment variables

According to Magento docs, one can override Magento Configuration variables using ENV variables. see I'm ...
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1 answer

Run Magento 2 cron with a different database user

Is it possible to run Magento 2 cron tasks under a different database user? This user will be able to connect to the same database as the website itself, and have exactly the same privileges; perhaps ...
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What is the purpose of http_cache_hosts entry in app/etc/env.php?

I have configured Varnish cache in the local Magento 2 environment and It is working fine. I have added the below lines in the app/etc/env.php file. 'http_cache_hosts' => [ [ 'host' =&...
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1 answer

CLI command to change env.php 'downloadable_domains'

Is there a CLI or rest interface that can modify the downloadable_domains section in env.php, or do I have to just manually run a sed or awk on the file during my deployment process Thanks (BTW, ...
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