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Run Magento 2 cron with a different database user

Is it possible to run Magento 2 cron tasks under a different database user? This user will be able to connect to the same database as the website itself, and have exactly the same privileges; perhaps ...
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what environment variables can override application mode and where do they need to be set?

When I run deploy:mode:show, it shows an application mode followed by a message that says that its value may be overridden. For example: prod@mysite01:~/www$ ./bin/magento deploy:mode:show Current ...
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Whitelisted domains in env.php M2.3.6 does not work

I whitelisted three domains in env.php but when adding a link with a downloadable product still get the error message Link URL's domain is not in list of downloadable_domains in env.php Is the entry ...
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