When I run docker-compose up -d in my brand new cloned PWA Studio repo, this is what I got:

WARN[0000] The "ENVFILEPATH" variable is not set. Defaulting to a blank string. 
Failed to load /projects/pwa-studio: read /projects/pwa-studio: is a directory

How could I fix it?

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You can't run docker-compose from the root folder as it came from the PWA Studio repo. You need to set up some stuff before.

That's why the repo comes with the folder docker, allowing you to set it up more quickly. You need to run this command below. If you have any issues, run it twice.


This directory stores certificates for local SSL/TLS, created by running run-docker script, as well as configuration for docker environment setup.

Run the docker/run-docker script from the root of the repository to create a container running PWA with a secure https protocol.

This script will:

  • copy the .env.docker environment variables to .env to be easily consumable by docker-compose
  • add a custom domain, configured in .env.docker
  • generate a self-signed ssl/tls certificate and trust the certificate using devcert in the makeHostAndCert.js script
  • run docker-compose build to build the container network
  • run docker-compose up to start the container running PWA at the custom domain with https

After docker/run-docker is executed from the root of the repository, the default configuration will have the PWA application running at https://pwa-docker.localhost.

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