Hi I am wanting to make some layout changes to the Magento admin panel including removing the Sales modules from the dashboard, example: http://puu.sh/kpUkL/3398735630.png

I would also like to make some internal changes to the way that users add products to the admin. For example I will be adding an automatic product specification system that will fill in some fields depending on the SKU that is entered.

I am confident on making these changes however I do question what might happen if I where to upgrade Magento in the future? Would I have to go back and make these changes all over again or can you code these changes for future updates?


  • No if you don't directly edit the core files.
    – mbalparda
    Sep 27, 2015 at 13:04

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If you are confident then go on. :-)

Basically if you do your work in the "right way", there will not be any problem in future upgrades. Benmarks teaches the "right way" :

did you edit the core ??

ie Do not edit the core, instead use modular approach. Create a new module to extend the default functionality. If you follow this single rule, there is not going to happen any mistakes in future upgrades.

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