I know how to change the copyright info on a customer view, but how do I get rid of the magento copyright on the admin login box?

I'm working on a multi-vendor store and want no reference to Magento (mainly for security purposes).

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Your admin login should not be visible to others in the first place. It has become best practice to set up a different admin URL in the store configuration. You could also protect the admin URL additionally with basic authentication (htaccess password).

You also want to delete or protect the /downloader directory.

Regarding "want no reference to Magento": If you don't want anybody to recognize that it's a Magento site, it's going to be more work. See: Protect a site from wappalyzer

Update: I overlooked the "multi-vendor-store" bit, so there's more to it. You would need to create a custom admin theme (as described in is there a way to alter translate.csv for ADMIN without altering core file?) where you can remove the footer, change the logo and so on. For just a modified login screen, this little extension comes in handy: https://github.com/SchumacherFM/Magento-OptimizedBackendLogin/

  • Thanks - I did change the logos without a problem, that was easy :) I'll look at the other suggestions, thanks.
    – aljw
    Commented Apr 12, 2016 at 21:12

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