today we had an interesting situation. We have 3 stores, all with guest checkout enabled. Today (only) 1 store suddenly reported "no guest checkout available" messages in the last step of checkout.

After some digging in Google there appears to be a relation between this error and the Persistent Shopping Cart. If we disable Persistent Shopping Cart the Guest Checkout works again.

Question: we enjoy having persistence turned on, but how can we prevent this situation where no guest checkout available breaks our conversion?

Is there a way to fix this and still have Persistent Shopping Cart turned on?


enter image description here

  • As i can't comment due to low reputation count i have to write this as an answer: Did you disable the "Persistent Shopping cart" only? Or did you also disable "Enable Persistence"? I have this strange behaviour in a Magento too. From time to time, out of sudden the last step produces an error with No guest checkout available. I'm thinking about a session/persistence cookie timing/timeout problem, but i never can really force the problem.
    – Michael
    Jan 22, 2016 at 12:55

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Our solution was to disable persistent shopping cart

Somehow when a customer had an old cookie and they tried to checkout as customer - even although all settings pointed to guest checkout being enabled - this was not possible.


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