I added a new attribute to a product. The attribute is named "is_brand_new". The product shows in the catalog product view in the upselling and related slider.

But the new attribute is not in the product data. I even cleared the cache

I outputted all the data from the item


if ($_item->getData("name") == "t-shirt") {

But it does not contain the data for the attribute is_brand_new.

What I try to do is show an icon if the product is marked as brandnew. So I added a new checkbox attribute in the backend. Now I try to read it out and show the icon if the checkbox is enabled.

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It looks like the block classes prepareData method is only loading a few attributes. So I had to create a helper, load the full product via the ID, then I was able to load the attribute.


use \Magento\Catalog\Model\ProductRepository;


public function getProductByIdAndReturnData($id, $key)
    $product = $this->getProductById($id);
    if (empty($product)) { return $this; }

    $data = $product->getData($key);
    return $data;

public function getProductById($id)
    return $this->_productRepository->getById($id);


$isProductBrandNew = $productHelper->getProductByIdAndReturnData($id, "is_brand_new");

If you setup thr product attribute to be visible in front from the backend as per the screenshot below, the attribute should appear.

enter image description here

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