I need to create a catalog rule that applies a 10% discount on all products of certain brands and seasons that are not in a specific category.

I have 3 products:

  1. price=100; brand=X; season=Y; categoryIds=3,4,5
  2. price=100; brand=X; season=Y; categoryIds=3,4,6
  3. price=100; brand=X; season=Y; categoryIds=3,4,7

How I created the rule:


Websites=All selected
Customer Groups=All selected
From Date=Today date


If [ALL] of these conditions are [TRUE]:
    Brand [IS] X (selected from dropdown list)
    Season [IS] Y (selected from dropdown list)
    Category [IS NOT/NOT CONTAINS/IS NOT ONE OF] 5 (I tried 
with this 3 options)


Apply=first option selected

Expected Result:

  1. new price=100;
  2. new price=90;
  3. new price=90;

Actual Result:

  1. new price=90;
  2. new price=90;
  3. new price=90;

I tried with a lot of combination but there is no way to exclude a product of a specific category.

Hope for help, thanks in advance.

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I found the solution.

Make sure that all simple products associated with the configurable product are in the same categories.

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