I am overwriting my theme logo in my child theme with the default.xml file but the logo is not loading in the storefront.

This is my default.xml code:

<referenceBlock name="logo">
         <argument name="logo_file" xsi:type="string">images/my-store-logo.jpg</argument>
         <argument name="logo_img_width" xsi:type="number">30</argument>
         <argument name="logo_img_height" xsi:type="number">30</argument>

My console shows following url for the image:

<img src="https://localhost/magento/pub/static/version1583882139/frontend/Custom/less/en_US/images/my- 
store-logo.jpg" title="" alt="" width="30" height="30">

When i click on the above link it shows the following error message on the new page:

A symlink for "C:/xampp/htdocs/magento/app/design/frontend/Custom/theme-custom- 
less/web/images/my-store-logo.jpg" can't be created and placed to 
Warning!symlink(): Cannot create symlink, error code(1314)

This is my store front view: This is my <code>store front</code> view:

Thanks in advance.

Edit: This is my directory structure:

directory structure

  • Did you ever resolve this? – Greg Nickoloff Apr 8 at 13:08
  • yes, it was resolved. – mobz Apr 8 at 16:51
  • I see that none of the answers here were accepted. Can you share how you fixed it? Perhaps write up an answer to your original question? – Greg Nickoloff Apr 9 at 17:21
  • Good, I'll write up the different scenarios that cause this. – mobz Apr 11 at 15:08

Your code is correct and must be inserted in


It seems that your static image is in a less folder(?), is your static file well generated?

You can read https://devdocs.magento.com/guides/v2.3/frontend-dev-guide/themes/theme-create.html#theme_logo

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Declaration of Theme Logo

Go to app/design/frontend/Demo/Mytheme/Magento_Theme/layout and create a default.xml file. Paste the following code in it:

<page xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="urn:magento:framework:View/Layout/etc/page_configuration.xsd">
<referenceBlock name="logo">
<argument name="logo_file" xsi:type="string">images/mytheme-logo.png</argument>
<argument name="logo_img_width" xsi:type="number">200</argument>
<argument name="logo_img_height" xsi:type="number">200</argument>

Upload Theme Logo

Go to app/design/frontend/Demo/Mytheme/web/images and upload your logo (mytheme-logo.png) here.

Apply Your Theme

  • Open the Admin panel of your Magento 2 and go to Content → Configuration.

  • Click on the Edit option.

  • Select Mytheme from the Applied Theme drop-down menu and click on
    Save Configuration.

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