I'm using Magento2.3.3.

I'm attempting to switch my images to S3 and I have updated my media URL to my amazon s3 bucket. The images are there and browsing the front-end works and correctly loads the images.

However, the Upload Image page on the backend (which comes up when managing block content) serves the thumbnail with an added slash between the media URL and the path, giving me a page full of broken images.

I can see from our live server that it is doing it there, too, but when it shows as a path divider (mydomain.com/pub/media//file/name.jpg) it seems to resolve just fine, but as a URL separator (https://mys3.amazonsaws.com//file/name.jpg) the image shows broken URL.

Does anyone know how I could fix this backend page to correctly load the thumbnail image URL?


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