we use the Magento API to update our warehouse system when we receive orders and then update Magento again with inventory updates from our warehouse system. However, we recently had an order that gave the below error and we are not sure how or where to access the API error log?

"Internal Error. Details are available in Magento log file. Report ID: webapi-5c644d10f0e26"

I have looked in var/log as well as in the var/report and I don't see any API folder or log file with API referenced in the name??

I have magento 2.2.5

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Just run the below command in magento root directory, it will show that log file location.

grep -r "Report ID: webapi-5c644d10f0e26" var/

Note: Change the above report id as per your error report - e.g) Report ID: webapi-xxxxxxxxxxx

Up to my mind it is in exception.log file and find the line with the content webapi-5c644d10f0e26 for the detailed report.


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