I have a problem with media gallery import.

In my csv file I use

image small_image


In website http://wiki.magmi.org/index.php?title=Image_attributes_processor


If I create gallery images I need to create a new field?

sku;image;small_image;gallery_image 001;0001.jpg;0000_2.jpg;0000_3.jpg;/000_4.jpg or sku;image;small_image;gallery_image 001;0001.jpg;0000_2.jpg;0000_3.jpg,/000_4.jpg or sku;image;small_image;gallery_image 001;0001.jpg;0000_2.jpg;0000_3.jpg,000_4.jpg

Can you help me? Thanks

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According to the wiki you have to add a new field named "media_gallery".

Example: /extraimg1.jpg;/extraimg2.jpg

Also, for your convenience, you can use the Column Mapper plugin to merge the fields "image", "small_image" and "thumbnail", resulting in an easier maintainable CSV file.

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