I have created a query that would allow me to sort my products based on the quantity they have been ordered. But when I print the query, the quantity ordered is coming in Ascending order. I want to make it work in descending order. The query is as below

$toDate =  date("Y-m-d h:m:s", strtotime('tomorrow') - 1);
$fromDate = date("Y-m-d h:m:s", strtotime("-1 months"));
$this->getSelect()->joinLeft(array('sfoi' => $this
 "e.entity_id = sfoi.product_id AND sfoi.created_at BETWEEN 
 '{$fromDate}' AND '{$toDate}'",                 
array('qty_ordered' => 'SUM(sfoi.qty_ordered)'))
            ->order("qty_ordered {$dir}");        
            return $this;

Can anyone kindly let me know how to do this? I just want to change the order of "qty_ordered" From ASC to DESC


The query is not executed inside this function, so maybe the order is changed somewhere after. Anyway, you should debug the SQL by adding a log before the return, like:

Mage::log($this->getSelect()->__toString(), null, 'mydebug.log');

so you can check the exact syntax at this point. You should copy the logged string in your SQL editor to check if everything is fine. You can check if $dir == 'DESC': maybe it is not. If the executed query from the log is ok, it means that the select is reordered somewhere after this block.

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