How to downgrade the the version from to Is there any possibilities to do this?

  • Why would you like to downgrade? As @paj states in his answer, the update contains security updates. If you encountered any issues, maybe we can help you fix those instead of downgrading to a more unsafe release.
    – Niels
    Jul 31, 2017 at 9:12
  • I was installing extension of Desktop Notification for admin when order placed. It was compatible upto 1.9.2 only. Even though I installed and configured but am not getting any notification in my desktop. I don't know what mistake am doing. so only @ mizuti Jul 31, 2017 at 10:21

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Magento was a security update, you should be able to downgrade by replacing all the core code from with

DO NOT do this if you have modified any Magento core code or themes on your live server.

BACKUP your database and test this in a DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT first

You can download the core code from the Magento download page, you will find under the 1.x release archives.

Unzip the core files to a temp folder on your server and then copy the files over your installation.

  • put your magento store into maintenance mode and disable the cache
  • copy the 1932 files

rsync -avI --exclude=app/etc/local.xml --exclude=app/etc/config.xml --exclude=favicon.ico --exclude=index.php --exclude=.htaccess /tempolder/magento1932/ /pathtomageno/magento1933/

  • reset file permissions
  • remove maintenance flag
  • test

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