We are trying to install a fooman/emailattachments-m2 extension ( or any extension) from Magento marketplace using system -> web setup wizard ->component manager. It successfully completed the readiness check and backup steps during installation, The maintenance mode also successfully enabled for frontend.

During the next step (new purchase status page) it started installation and show the text update pending.

When we access the frontend after 2 mins (After next cron job ran) the maintenance mode will automatically disabled, the extension also successfully installed and our site also working fine.

The Console.log also shows there is no error everything working fine.

We have noticed the update flag files (.update_in_progress.flag, .update_error.flag) also not generated in var folder.

Since, The setup wizard page (new purchase status page) still showing the following error.

The buttons also not working (Roll Back , Next buttons), Even the menu links also not working on this page.

We have checked in browser console there is a error like angularjs is not defined.

Kindly anyone suggest me to resolve the issue, Thanks.

enter image description here

enter image description here

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Try to remove all .files in /www/html/magento/var folder. I had same issue and I solved doing that:


sudo rm -rf .update_status.txt
sudo rm -rf .update_queue.json
sudo rm -rf .setup_cronjob_status
sudo rm -rf .type.json
sudo rm -rf .update_cronjob_status

By removing (but backing up first) **update_error.flag**. Then logged out and in again from the Magento Admin panel.

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