I'm trying to install an extension using the Setup Wizard that can be accessed using the route System > Tools > Web Setup Wizard, but just the Component Manager page it's not working, after a long period loading I received this page below:

 Web Setup Wizard with error 503 in Magento 2

Further information

  • In the System Upgrade screen, all the checkpoints are ok.
  • My System Configurations page is configured right, using my keys.
  • I'm not receiving any error message related to max_execution_time
  • I've tried to access the URL mystore.com/setup/index.php/componentGrid/components but I receive the same error 503.

I've tried these two solutions before:

I have 500 Internal Server Error in Component Manager

Magento 2: How to solve the error 500 in Web Setup Wizard when installing Amazon Pay?

Do you have some idea to try?

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First improve your memory_limit as well, so remove the third-party module that is set in your composer.json.

Usually you can find into require and repositories sections!

Then run these commands below in your root folder and try again:

alias mage="php -d memory_limit=-1 -f bin/magento" \
&& composer update -vvv \
&& mage setup:static-content:deploy -f \
&& mage setup:upgrade \
&& mage cache:flush

Magento 2 Component Manager Setup

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