I want to configure website for multi country – multi currency.

e.g. For USA /Canada , I want to set Select country – USA , Currency should auto switch to $ from base currency.

But product should should be limited compared to base website. Means limited products for country. How to configure please guide me..

Thanks in advance.


There are tons of tutorials on this subject on the web.

You can try this or this

To summarize the proccess:

  1. Create a two store views and name them "Language 1" and "Language 2"
  2. Install language packs for the languages you want or duplicate app/locale/en_US/* to app/locale/your_LUNGUAGE and translate the files yourself
  3. In System->Config->General->General->Locale Options set the "Locale" you desire for each scope (store view)
  4. In System->Config->General->Currency Setup set the "Base Currency","Default Display Currency" for each scope (store view)
  5. You can Enable/Disable each product for each store view changing the scope and toggling its status.

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