I want to setup magento 2 instance with below requirements in Magento 2.3 CE

1) Multiple countries option with country switcher

  • UAE/Dubai (default)
  • KSA/Saudi Arabia (This will further have below regions)
    • KSA Dammam
    • KSA Jeddah
    • KSA Riyadh
  • Kuwait

2) Multiple languages with language switcher

  • English (default)
  • Arabic

3) Multiple currency

  • AED (default)
  • SAR
  • KWD

4) Catalog different for each country, but there may be few common products

5) Catalog data will be uploaded for each language

6) Inventory will not be shared among countries

7) Customers will be shared across countries

8) URL should be as below



9) If customers are shared, how will the cart and order process behave if the catalog is different in different countries

10) Auto redirection to country website with GeoIP redirection

With a bit of research I found that we can create multi website with same domain by creating a subfolder under root directory. Below are some of the links:

Magento 2: How to configure Nginx to use multiple websites with sub-folder - It is giving 404 error for category, product pages


But I doubt if all the above requirements can be achieved?

Can this be achieved with multi-website OR multi-store configurations?

Kindly suggest the best approach possible and if above can be achieved with some 3rd party modules.

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All the above requirements are achievable. I have created a website based on these requirements. The tough part is the Regions on Saudi Store. You need to have multi-website configuration.No modules 3rd Party Modules are required. Pingback if you want a detailed explanation. I will be glad to help you with this requirement.

  • Hi @prakash-tripathi, how did you achieve the above please?
    – rubenromao
    Commented Nov 14, 2022 at 10:49

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