One of the files in an extension after the patch SUPEE-6788 is showing an issue related to APPSEC-1063.

$collection->join('catalog/product', 'product_id=`catalog/product`.entity_id')
    ->addFieldToFilter('`catalog/product`.type_id', array('in' => array('simple', 'virtual', 'downloadable')));

How do I need to change this code to make it compatible?


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Remove the backticks ` . Magento now takes care of that which results in double backticks and an SQL error.

Since I am not sure if catalog/product.entity_id will work like this, here is the code changed to using an alias as well:

    ['catalog_product' => 'catalog/product'],
     ['in' => ['simple', 'virtual', 'downloadable']]

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