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magento 2 varien_file_csv

I have a script from Magento 1 that I ned to convert to Magento 2. The script uses Varien_File_Csv that I can't find in Magento 2, and so can't the Magento 2. Where is this file in Magento 2 found? Or,...
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Security Patch 7405 Pulling API 500 internal error logs

I've spent hours looking over the internet and cannot figure out where is the issue with the changed PHP lines. Problems only started after successfully updating patch 7405. Website and all other ...
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5 votes
2 answers

get files of a directory

I'd like to get a list of files stored in a sub directory of the /media directory in a controller. I tried to use this one: $dir = Mage::getBaseDir('media') . DS . $sub_dir . DS; $files = scandir($...
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Writing a local file from an external FTP server - Issue with Varien_Io_File

I have a script that pulls a file from an external server, and tries to save it locally (to then be processed). I'm using Varien_Io_Ftp() to facilitate this, however, upon saving the file locally, it ...
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