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Update Magento default product placeholder images within theme files

I'm trying to override the default Magento logo product placeholder images within my theme, however, the results are inconsistent. I need to do this so it can be tracked in code versus manually by ...
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SVG as product placeholder image

I manually uploaded svg to media subfolder (pub/media/catalog/product/placeholder/default) and edited in table core_config_data path catalog/placeholder/image_placeholder to reflect file name change (...
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How to get absolute path of default place holder image in magento 2

How to get the absolute path of the default placeholder image of the products in Magento 2 I used the below code $imagePath = $this->imageHelper->getDefaultPlaceholderUrl('image'); but it is ...
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Magento2 - After deletion of product, how to delete /avoid auto generation of placeholder (ghost) pictures?

we deleted products and its associated images from /pub/media/import /pub/media/catalog/product/ Also from /pub/media/catalog/product/cache/ However, the images re-appear, not the original image, but ...
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Magento 2: swatch images loading ONLY thumbnails

I'm using Magento 2.3.3 and I have a very annoying problem with the swatches. When I click on size/color, the picture will show the standard placeholder, but if I take a look at the json, the picture ...
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Override Placeholder Image function in Magento2

I have a requirement like below. I have uploaded a placeholder images for "Base Image", "Small Image" and "Thumbnail Image" in admin settings. So whenever there is no product image is available, ...
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Uploading product placeholder images through Magento2 Admin fails

While uploading the product placeholder images through Magento 2 Admin System throws this error message "Invalid parameter given. A valid $fileId[tmp_name] is expected". I cannot find any old ...
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Product Image in invoice email template

I am trying to get product images for invoice email template. I used below code. But I am only getting Magento placeholder image in email template. <td> <?php $objectManager = \...
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Configurable child products without image

I have one problem. I am using since a time a new theme, the problem is that when I select a size in a configurable image, don´t shows any image, shows the placeholder image of Magento. The theme ...
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