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What's are differences between Magento 2 libraries and Magento 2 modules?

The issue is there's no information about this topic in the Magento 2 documentation or anywhere else, so what's a Magento 2 library and what's its main difference compared with a Magento 2 module? The ...
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1 answer

how to add font awesome using librarie

in my case, I have added this font awesome by declaring it in the header. is there any way to inject this font awesome by libraries on the resource of my module and not call it externally by link
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1 answer

Use of external library with interfaces - Error: Cannot declare interface, because the name is already in use

I try to use an external library in my Magento2 module. The library is the Amazon MWS-PHP Library. I included the library via composer.json in PSR-0 Format since classnames are in PSR-0 standard (like ...
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Magento 2 Import PHP library error

I'm trying to import PHP Libraries from SiftScience, here is the library that i'm importing, just the lib folder I have put this files into rootmagento/lib/...
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2 votes
0 answers

Cannot read property '$' of undefined Error while using the instantsearch.js file of Algolia. Magento2

I'm trying to get all the data from Algolia so fro that I need to use instantsearch.js file of Algolia and also need to use algoliaBundle.min.js file but when I tried to copy this file then it gives ...
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