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How to add Fontawesome in Magento2 without CDN

I want to load Fontawesome in my Magento2 without CDN. I have downloaded the font awesome library from this link Fontawesome 6.1.1. And in zip file I got these files as shown in the figure . And in my ...
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how to add font awesome using librarie

in my case, I have added this font awesome by declaring it in the header. is there any way to inject this font awesome by libraries on the resource of my module and not call it externally by link
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2 answers

Fontawesome kit not loading Magento 2.3.6

I am trying to use the new fontawesome kit url in magento 2.3.6 but i cant get it to work. It seems to load the js but not icons aren't displayed. I have added <script src="https://kit....
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Magento 2 font-display: swap

How is it possible to add to Magento 2 fonts font-display: swap ? I don't find the correct way in the typography.less, or in a custom CSS file, it breaks all the CSS. .lib-font-face( @family-...
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Magento 2 is not loading the fontawesome cdn library

I'm trying to load a css library on a magento 2 from cdn: <css src="" type="text/css" src_type="url"/> and to do this ...
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