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Facebook Pixel Unable to capture add to cart, purchase events for configurable products in magento 2

We have tried to add the pixel code but the Facebook Pixel is unable to capture add to cart, purchase events for configurable products in magento 2. is there a way to resolve this? As this seems to be ...
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problem in facebook pixel module for magento2.4

we installed the facebook pixel module for magento2.4. so far everything perfect. But when I enter the product registration and saved, the error below occurs Error: Call to undefined method Facebook\...
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What is the best way to install fb pixel in magento 2 ? Using script or with extension!

What are the best extensions?!
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Facebook Pixel - M1

My client has asked me to install Facebook pixel on there Magento 1 website. What I have received from them are the four text file 1. Add to Cart Pixel.txt 2. Initiate Checkout Pixel.txt 3. Page View ...
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Different Facebook pixels for each store/store-view/website

I have 4 shopify stores that I am hoping to convert into a single one using Magento. Far as I understand, it is possible to configure different prices, shipping methods, payment methods for each store....
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Magento 1 Facebook Pixel Error

I have integrated Facebook Pixel in our Magento 1 Web site. When we check in Facebook Pixel Helper it will show and working fine but in Facebook Pixel Catalogue Manager it will show Error. See ...
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Facebook pixel question

Ive added the Facebook pixel for Ads and it shows up fine with the catalog of products but how do I get the products to show on the Shop tab in Facebook? Do I need a separate extension for this?
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Magento 2 - Facebook pixel tracking on AddToCart event

Note: Before marking it as duplicate please read description carefully I am creating a module for Facebook pixel tracking and I am stuck at AddToCart event. I have seen some 3rd party extensions, ...
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