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Domain level admin Permission In Magento 2 Backend

I have experience with magento for a long time, When creating multiple domain sites, i always thought Magento 2 has, by default, the option to have a specific admin for each domain (that's what I sold)...
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Magento module & multisite

I have created Module for Magento 2.x. Right now I would like to extend it for multisite. I haven't find any tutorials/instructions how can I do it?
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Magento 2.3.3: I am using valet-linux and struggling to set up multi-store in Magento

As the title states I am using valet-linux and everything on single site/store works fine. The part I am struggling with is getting multi-store working with valet-linux. I have tried adding different ...
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Different Facebook pixels for each store/store-view/website

I have 4 shopify stores that I am hoping to convert into a single one using Magento. Far as I understand, it is possible to configure different prices, shipping methods, payment methods for each store....
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Magento 2 + Nginx: Multiple websites homepages work but every other URL is 404

I've searched high and low for a solution to this problem but none of the solutions to any of the existing questions has helped. I have a freshly installed ( via Composer ) Magento 2 site. I am using ...
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Magento 2 Multi-site second site domain not working

I have Magento 2.1.7 with 2 websites. First site is second site is The scope for users is website so that each website has its own users. The first website ...
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Italian translation in a multi-language site don't work

I've a multilanguage site in Magento 1.9. I set Italian like default language. There are some words in the footer that aren't translate. I added this words into csv file but the problem remains. It's ...
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Issues with Magento 2.1 Multi Domain Setup (1 website, multiple store views)

I have a new Magento 2.1 CE setup. I want to offer localised versions (currency) of our website. US would only allow us dollar currency, UK would only allow british pounds currency etc. So have set up:...
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Magento2 admin: Send Welcome Email From

I've got a multisite installation: 2 websites: "Europe" and "Asia". Europe has 2 stores: "France" and "Germany". And "Asia" has only one store: "China". "France" store as one storeview: "French". "...
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multisite magento and robots.txt

In robots.txt can be only one directive host. How right use directive host in robots.txt in magento multisite configuration with many domains?
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Multi-website multi-store set-up

I have a client who is in need of a store with multiple, independent currency rates. They cannot use the default rate functionality of Magento due to them needing bespoke prices for each currency and ...
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Using chinese characters in base_url - how to edit regex in Http.php to allow valid() to pass?

for a multi-site setup we are about to launch a chinese store, which has chinese characters in the base url. Howeverer, using .htaccess to load the correct store view, we receive a "Invalid URI ...
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Magento Compiler with multi websites

I have an instance of magento and i want to put two differents websites, so i have it : **Website 1 - Store 1 - View 1** **Website 2 - Store 2 - View 2** When i put compiler on, it works on Website ...
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Creating Users Programmatically for multiple sites

I am looking to assign imported customers programmatically to another site and store within a multisite. However, each time I attempt to manually set the website id it errors out claiming that it ...
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Full e-Commerce solution with multiuser and multistore Magento setup

I would like to know that, is a structure possible with Magento Community Edition like below; We'll setup a magento store (main store - main site) with all of our products that can be sold on any sub-...
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