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How to migrate/backup all remote branches

Steps as follows: $ magento-cloud project:get e7s9kiwfapxcy $ cd cloned-directory $ git branch -a Output: * master remotes/magento/HEAD -> magento/master remotes/magento/jcollins remotes/magento/...
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1 answer

Magento2: Extensions on private bitbucket and Extension Manager not working together

I have private repositories on bitbucket with my modules which are used in Magento2. All were installed using composer. In ~/.ssh/config i have: Host IdentityFile ~/.ssh/...
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9 votes
1 answer

How to setup CI on Magento 2 extension using Bitbucket Pipeline?

How can I prepare a CI script to check the syntax and code quality of my extension code? It's not necessary to run Unit Test or Integration Test, I'm using Bitbucket and I would like to use Bitbucket ...
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How to integrate Magento 2 auto deploy with Bitbucket Pipelines? [duplicate]

I have some servers which I use SSH to deploy, each time manually, I'd like to implement Bitbucket Pipelines to do an auto deploy.
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2 votes
1 answer

Multiple magento-2 modules in single git repository

I am trying to host my magento 2 extensions in a bitbucket repository. each extension will be a branch of that repository. The problem is that, we need to create tag for particular version of the ...
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composer install magento 2 module fails

I am trying to install a module which i created in magento 2 via composer, I have hosted the module on the bitbucket repository, and added the repository url in magento's composer.json, When i try to ...
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