This may seem a somewhat strange question, but I'm going to ask anyway. I'm currently building a Magento store (CE 1.9) for a client who has an unusual requirement for shipping price calculation.

I need to be able to calculate a shipping price based on how many different values there are for a given product attribute, set within the products contained in the shopping cart, as part of the normal checkout process.

My first thought was that table rate might solve this, however I cannot find a way to achieve the desired result.

I'll try to explain what I need...

  • Shipping on the site would use a 'base' shipping price of £6.95.

  • The contents of the shopping cart would be reviewed and a list of all 'manufacturer' product attributes would be made, from which all duplicate values would be removed.

  • The base price would then be multiplied by the number of values in the 'manufacturer' attribute list.

For example, if there were 4 values in the attribute list, the shipping cost would be £27.80.

Any advice on how this could be achieved would be much appreciated.

Thank you!



In short: yes it's possible but no there isn't a module or quick fix for this. I would recommend you follow this Inchoo tutorial on shipping methods to set up your own method and from there use the quote objects item collection:


to build a calculation for the shipping costs.

If you run into any specific issues feel free to post another question. Always include code snippets and error logs if it concerns an error.

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