I usually offer Free shipping over $10.

Currently I have a flat rate $1 shipping which becomes free over $10. I managed to do that using a shopping cart price rule.

Now there are customers who are ordering outside my default country & i cant ship the order for free or $1.I want to charge $50 as shipping price for customers outside USA. How do i define a fixed price for orders that are outside my default country.

That price should only appear when the shipping country is outside USA.

In System>Configuration>General in magento backend, you define the default country & other allowed countries. There has to be a way to use these values for shipping prices.

If this is not inbuilt in magento then i am in for a surprise & heck of a time coding.

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Rather than using the Flat Rate shipping method you should use the Table Rate shipping method which will allow you to set the shipping rate by price vs destination among others.

With this method you need to create a CSV file with your table rate shipping pricing and upload it to the Magento admin panel.

The Magento User guide gives a pretty good set of instructions on it here.

It can be tedious creating a CSV file with all your destination countries, I've used this web based tool to generate one for me in the past.

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